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i DO love architecture – especially these guys

The craziness at MOMA’s friday free nights is usually so disrupting that it makes me consider plunking down $20 just so I can see the exhibits in peace. But when something really gets my attention, it doesn’t matter when 10 different people bump me from all directions. That’s what happened when I saw Yin Xiuzhen’s … Continue reading

My Obsession With Bikes

Years ago, I was visiting my grandparents in Hong Kong. During a lazy afternoon, tired of couch surfing through the same four channels of chinese soap operas, I decided to try some of the pirated dvds lying around the house. I came across Augustin: Roi du Kung Fu (Augustin, King of Kung Fu) and absolutely fell in love with … Continue reading


As an outsider looking in, the french aesthetic is utter perfection. Subtle, seductive, elegant. Everyone says that parisian women have an inherent sense of style. The weight of the past – being surrounded by beautiful muted colors, rich textures, and ornaments – it does something to the psyche.       and then, distilled over time, is the hint of luxury: … Continue reading

Perfecting the Line

Do you ever see something so beautiful that it makes you stop breathing? What is it about Philip Glass and ballet choreography that makes me so mesmerized?  Or the spare perfection in Chipperfield’s work? Or a slice of Eduardo Souto de Moura’s landscape?