Coincidences and travel stories

during the 20 minutes it took to log on to access my blogger account, i met the internet cafe owner who told me that he too, had a blog and that he too, was working with orphans and vulnerble children. his blog:

Travel Stories and MISC (so far):
its been 5 days since i’ve left New York (2 day journey from JFK to Dar Es Salaam). In Dar, I met with CEFA, an Italian NGO that works in inner Tanzania doing work ranging from setting up milk coops to equiping communities with small power stations. One coordinator told me that there is a huge network of civil society organizations in Tanzania. But when he and I tried to find registered organizations that operated in Singida, we found next to nothing. However, there are many informal “organizations” such as LSCS (see above). Groups such as these rely on the founding members’ personal “wealth” to fund the initiatives. My question is: how can these informal organizations sustainably fund, staff and support themselves without burdening their own limited resources? The group that I am working with (OVCC) are experiencing such operational problems. I am meeting with them for the first time this afternoon. I am anxious to finally see OVCC’s progress and difficulties first hand.

Very Miscellaneous:
For those of you interested in African bus journeys you go:
Wake up at 4:30am, wait in a bus station filled with theives for an hour, ask multiple tour bus operators for the correct bus to take (nothing is labelled), watch your bus sputter and groan as someone stands underneath fixing something, watch the bus pull away from the station as people are still getting ON the bus, speed down the tarmac roads at an insane speed, stop at a field to pee, pull up into a lunch stop, leave 15 minutes later and leave 4 stragglers behind, continue to drive on unfinished roads, cabin fills up with dust, finally see familiar landmarks of Singida. Arrival at destination (12 hour journey) – bleary eyed and very exhausted.

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  1. snd says:

    i thought public transportation in rome was something to be avoided…can’t complain about my morning commute anymore. it pales in comparison.

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