Working hard or hardly working?

Been feeling under the weather lately. flu/malaria-like symptoms are keeping me bed-bound most of the time. However, i have been working! met with OVCC at last and watched a youth soccer game. These young players love their soccer.. some playing with no shoes (as they cannot afford them) on a ground scattered with tiny thorns. These same thorns are a danger to the ball itself as one has already been destroyed. (pictures to come)

Singida’s rural condition creates an interesting case study. Since youths here are relied upon by their families to share in the housework/fieldwork, youth programmes must be structured to address youths’ varying routines so that they can participate without sacrificing their commitment to their families.

In the coming weeks, mapping exercises will be conducted to examine the social networks the physical spaces that are routinely inhabited so that youths can identify key times/places they can start to meet and collaborate.


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