some online reading

filed under a folder labelled “blog entries” on my desktop are half finished drafts of what i’ve been up to since my return from Tanzania. part of the distraction that keeps me from finishing my edits (apart from trying to desperately catch up with school work), is all the great online reading/video watching i’ve been … Continue reading

Mapping Time

Haven’t been able to access an internet café this last week. Now there is only one computer left in all of Singida that can access blogger. my next update may be from Johannesburg airport on the 17th… Anyhow, Here are some updates (though not complete, check back later for more) What does it take to … Continue reading

Who am I to say…

In preparation for my trip, I had spoken to numerous experienced development staff and researched piles of historical texts, development strategies, journals, papers, personal accounts, etc. I had lived in Singida before and used that experience to draft a flexible framework of activities that would engage the villagers and stimulate collective learning and practice. And … Continue reading