i DO love architecture – especially these guys

The craziness at MOMA’s friday free nights is usually so disrupting that it makes me consider plunking down $20 just so I can see the exhibits in peace. But when something really gets my attention, it doesn’t matter when 10 different people bump me from all directions. That’s what happened when I saw Yin Xiuzhen’s … Continue reading

Brooklyn Transportation

There is nothing like riding home from the bookstore, with a find that the salesclerk had assumed was already sold out.  Enter: Fujimori, my favorite architect of the moment. I am fickle with my love, but I think he has what it takes to stay.     As for my means of transport – I wanted the … Continue reading

Design and (un)implementation

Nothing inspires me more than design that serves the underserved. So an article on Archinect (and link to CTV) caught my attention: students design living spaces for the homeless. Unfortunately, the homeless will never get the chance to utilize these spaces. This is an example of a great design exercise that is faulty in terms … Continue reading