Who am I to say…

In preparation for my trip, I had spoken to numerous experienced development staff and researched piles of historical texts, development strategies, journals, papers, personal accounts, etc. I had lived in Singida before and used that experience to draft a flexible framework of activities that would engage the villagers and stimulate collective learning and practice. And … Continue reading

A collage of musings – injustices, accountability, naïve suppositions, and coca cola

Its my second week anniversary of arriving in Singida! Photo-time: A walk through a village. a new asphalt road has replaced a previous dirt road. This new addition to the highway has brought better accessibility to this village and has attracted rapid growth in the area. Trenches are being dug to handle the water flow. … Continue reading

Working hard or hardly working?

Been feeling under the weather lately. flu/malaria-like symptoms are keeping me bed-bound most of the time. However, i have been working! met with OVCC at last and watched a youth soccer game. These young players love their soccer.. some playing with no shoes (as they cannot afford them) on a ground scattered with tiny thorns. … Continue reading