do it online

in the process of reading The Wealth of Networks. a bit sad that i came across this text a whole year after its publication. a reading of this a few months earlier would have helped me articulate my thoughts during discussions on change and emergence. all of my favorite networking sites have really taken off … Continue reading

Who am I to say…

In preparation for my trip, I had spoken to numerous experienced development staff and researched piles of historical texts, development strategies, journals, papers, personal accounts, etc. I had lived in Singida before and used that experience to draft a flexible framework of activities that would engage the villagers and stimulate collective learning and practice. And … Continue reading

Working hard or hardly working?

Been feeling under the weather lately. flu/malaria-like symptoms are keeping me bed-bound most of the time. However, i have been working! met with OVCC at last and watched a youth soccer game. These young players love their soccer.. some playing with no shoes (as they cannot afford them) on a ground scattered with tiny thorns. … Continue reading