Journal Pre-2010

May 11 /09

Agnès: “You’re here. In time perhaps you’ll forgive me. But don’t hurry. So many honest girls become dishonest women. Perhaps I’ll show the opposite can happen. I’m not yet worthy of having you come close to me. Wait. Just leave me a little hope. Then you can judge my behaviour. I’ll be happy if you can bear my presence. Show me a corner of your house where I can live. I’ll stay there without protest. I’m not evil. I know myself. I was weak. And I was in love with you. That’s my only excuse. I lacked the courage to tell you the truth. Remember the letter you wouldn’t read? It wasn’t pleasant. You can forgive me. I won’t trouble you anymore. It will be easy”

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne, Jean Cocteau

April 30 /09
An inside joke referring to a summer of 2B, ico. “i dream in the 11th dimension”

I dreamed a dream

April 29 /09
Harry Potter is an exceedingly annoying, burdensome, and overrated human being. Albus Dumbledore is a bully. If the wizarding world were a just one, Severus Snape would have had it a lot better.

words cannot express how incredibly cool this next podcast is:

April 28 /09

Am back again.

Newfound interest in reading Les Miserables (in english sadly… with dreams of french fluency still eluding me): my interest lies in the tragic figure of Fantine – “Hugo highlights the unfair attitude of French society toward women and the poor. Fantine’s fellow citizens criticize her for her behavior and depravity, but they also take every opportunity to make her circumstances even more desperate”

i love sparknotes. is that wrong??

Am also really into making Kefir. Am already imagining myself making it everyday, reeping its healthful effects.

Jan 21 /08

imagining myself making stuff

Jan 15/08

the truth about recycling and some simple shoes i like, and reading about no impact man

Jan 07/08

Working on my competition for the design of an internet cafe in Nairobi… what’s going on?! trying to keep updated

Jan 03/08

Cannot stop watching episodes of Everybody Hates Chris. comic genius. so good. forgotten how tragic and funny being a teenager can be. also liking streetfilms: a wealth of videos concerning public space and community engagement (the cyclist video is great). linked over to The Open Planning Project – something i will be taking a closer look at the next couple of days

Dec 28/07

A New Dream

Dec 26/07

in the spirit of boxing day, i did some window-(un)shopping. Looking for a free copies of Things Fall Apart and the Famished Road in BookMooch. looking for a used ipod shuffle to make those long bus jouneys to and from NYC-Toronto-Cambridge more bearable on craigslist and kijij. Getting ready for 2008 – interesting startups and forecasts. And for anyone looking for a loan.. this is pretty cool

Dec 19/07

a blog documenting the “intersection of policy, technology, environmental science and urban planning

Dec 13/07

Lifehacker: breathe new life into your old gadgets, something to think about

Dec 10/07

i think i’m 6 years old again. doing the things i love, but armed with 19 additional years of experience. Making things out of garbage, playing the piano, and swimming

Dec 09/07

Back in toronto and looking up my old favorite haunts. one in particular that i need to revisit is Le Petit Dejener. I used to treat myself for lunch there after horrible mornings at my first coop job. Seasonal menu, delicious soups and sandwiches in combinations that i have never heard of before. oh, nostalgia. there’s nothing like it.. especially when it is cold and dreary outside.

procrastinate online with quality sites. currently checking out the winners/nominees of the Webby Awards. this looks cool, and this too..

Dec 06/07

today is packing day as i am moving back to Toronto (temporarily?) so today i will either be very disciplined and get all my work done, or just throw everything out the window and surf all day. just made a Western Union transaction to Singida to pay for my sponsoree’s tuition. $31 charge to send $275. that surcharge could have paid for her uniform!, came across a (to me) mindblowing way of searching using google

Dec 05/07

currently reading about food coops and transport, browsing through StyleMob – from the creator of the “to-do-list“, just joined the freecycle network and looking forward to finding a coatrack!, discovered the existence of Rastra concrete, just found out my favorite design editor has moved onto Dezeen, and checked out the winning entires of the Second Life Architecture and Design competition

Dec 04/07

found yet another reason to embrace the 4Rs [reduce, reuse, repair, recycle] – unsafe goods on the market / checked up on Mr. Harris and dabbled in the Universe for a while / fell in love with these rings (so much better than diamonds) / really looking forward to May 10, 2008 / found some interesting maps

Dec 03/07

signed up for ThingLink with the hope that it would motivate me to make things again / wondering about what lies in store here / found an article that finally articulates my attitudes towards online social networking


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