Oh, the days of picnics and reading at Brooklyn Bridge Park. With my hipster PDA














I am always on a quest to streamline my life, make everydays tasks more efficient, and to make time for things that really matter:

Guides I use:

David Allen’s Getting Things Done & a Geeky Chart sort of like the one here

I used to be a borderline luddite (what happens if the device breaks? or if the servers that hold my “cloud” information all get bombed at the same time?). I used a Hipster PDA until I got tired of it always getting smushed at the bottom of my purse. That and my cheap hand-me-down 4 year old cellphone ceased to turn on. Now I use a smartphone and see what the fuss is all about.

I love it. Am 4 years late on this app bandwagaon – they really do make everyday chores more efficient. These are the ones that really make owning this technology a joy:

Lemon (can finally keep track of all my pettycash spending AND lets me throw away receipts while keeping an electronic copy)

Flipboard (all my favorite sites formatted into a daily updated magazine)

Read it Later (compiles all the stuff I want to read, and access even when offline. great when commuting underground)

Talk-a-Phone (free calling to Canada!)

SavingStar (a coupon app I am starting to love, but it needs way more participating stores)


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